Buffers and Reagents

Buffer and Reagent Labels

Buffers and Reagent are a critical part of chemistry, biotechnology, and diagnostics. In order to indicate the presence of a chemical compound requires the accurate use of buffers, reagents, and solutions. In order to maintain consistency and quality laboratory tests, the identification of buffers, reagents, and solutions is paramount. GMP Labeling carries a variety of high quality labels meant specifically for identifying reagents, buffers, and solutions. Our labels clearly communicate the material type as well as provide fields for inputting information such as lot/batch, concentration, pH, amount, prepared by, storage conditions, and expiration date. As your compliance partner, we offer QA and QC labels of multiple sizes, shapes, and colors for use in laboratories. Our QC Labels and QA Labels are meticulously designed to facilitate efficient tracking of products throughout different phases of production, manufacturing, and testing.

We also stock removable labels with an adhesive that does not leave a residue on glassware.

We prioritize our customers, ensuring stock labels are dispatched promptly on the very day of order placement. Our extensive assortment encompasses laboratory labels, medical device labels, and regulatory labels, ensuring a comprehensive range for all material control requirements.