Tags and Non-Adhesive Products

Tags and Non-Adhesive Products

Discover GMP Labeling's diverse range of custom tags and non-adhesive products, expertly crafted to withstand challenging environments while ensuring OSHA compliance and tailored to meet your industry-specific needs.

Durable and Compliant: GMP Labeling's Custom Tags and Non-Adhesive Solutions for Every Need

In specialized industries, sometimes a traditional adhesive label just doesn't cut it. Understanding these unique needs, GMP Labeling offers a comprehensive range of tags and non-adhesive products tailored to various applications and environments.

Versatile Material Choices for Every Need

Our array of material choices is expansive, ensuring that you get a product that fits your specific requirements. Whether you're looking for paper, which offers flexibility and ease of use, or more durable options like polyester, polypropylene, and vinyl, we have you covered. These materials have been chosen not just for their sturdiness but also for their ability to withstand external factors.

Durability Meets Resistance

Environmental factors can take a toll on tags, leading to wear and tear. GMP Labeling tags are crafted to be both durable and weather-resistant, ensuring longevity even in challenging conditions. Beyond weather resistance, our tags are also designed to hold up against certain chemical exposures, making them suitable for industries where such interactions might be commonplace.

Compliance with OSHA Standards

For businesses that handle hazardous materials, safety and compliance are of paramount importance. Recognizing this, we have specially designed tags for hazardous materials identification (HMIS) that are in line with OSHA Hazard Communication Standards. These tags ensure not just the safety of your operations but also help in seamless regulatory compliance.

Your Partner for Customized Non-Adhesive Solutions

Whether its for a warehouse, medical device manufacturer, chemical plant or equipment testing/calibration, trust in our expertise.

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