Cryogenic Labels

Labels for Cryogenic Applications

As cryogenic and temperature controlled environments continue to grow in the health sciences space, the need for products designed specifically for use in low temperature environments becomes ever more critical.

GMP Labeling carries Cryogenic Labels including Cryo Quality Control Labels, Caution Labels, Material Labels and Status Labels. These cryogenic labels are made using a polyester face stock and include an acrylic adhesive specifically designed to adhere to plastic and glass surfaces. Cryo Labels can withstand temperatures of -196 degrees Centigrade to +120 degrees Centigrade (-320F to 248F) which makes them ideal for use in extremely low temperature environments such as freezer or cryogenic storage. They can also withstand most sterilization methods such as steam, autoclave and gamma radiation.

We have 9 different cryogenic label designs in stock and can ship them with same day service, or can manufacture any custom cryogenic label you need.