Tags and Non-Adhesive

Stock Tags and Non-Adhesives

Maintaining superior Quality Control requires attention to even the smallest detail. This includes the application and removal of labels. GMP Labeling has a solution for materials, glassware, equipment and devices where an adhesive residue is unacceptable. Similar to our labels, our tags come in the same color coding system used for GMP procedures and quality control. These bright colors and header text make status identification quick and easy. In addition to following Quality Control color coding, we provide field identifiers and blank space to write critical information that provides additional context for the material and status. Quality Control is the backbone of superior product standards, and at GMP Labeling, we empower businesses with our top-tier Quality Control Identification Products. Specifically designed to streamline and standardize the verification processes, our non-adhesive products range from Approved and Rejected tags to Calibration and Out of Service, ensuring that every aspect of quality assurance is addressed. Whether you operate in a laboratory setting, the medical device industry, or need equipment calibration identification, GMP Labeling is your trusted partner. Plus, with our promise of swift shipping and custom design capabilities, we guarantee a tag solution tailored to your specific requirements. Trust GMP Labeling to reinforce your commitment to quality.