Cleanroom Compatible Labels

Cleanroom Compatible Labels

For operations demanding the utmost in cleanliness and precision, GMP Labeling's custom cleanroom compatible labels stand out, offering unparalleled protection against contaminants while meeting up to ISO Class 4 standards..

Uncompromised Purity: GMP Labeling's Cleanroom Compatible Labels

In operations where even the slightest introduction of particulates or contaminants can compromise the integrity of the process, ensuring that every element, including labels, meets rigorous standards is essential. At GMP Labeling, we specialize in delivering labels that not only adhere to, but often exceed, the stringent requirements of cleanroom environments.

Ability to meet ISO Class 4 Standards

Our labels are compatible up to Class 4 standards, a classification that signifies an ultra-clean environment, ensuring that the air in the cleanroom contains no more than 10 particles (of size 0.5 microns or larger) per cubic foot. This ensures the labels can be used in the most sensitive of operations, from pharmaceutical manufacturing to specialized electronics production, without fear of introducing contaminants.

Specialty Materials and Pre-Cleaning Services

We have a vast amount of non-paper materials available that do not shed particulate matter, can be wiped down, and can be static cleaned before packaging - all to ensure that your labels meet your cleanroom requirements

Individually Wrapped for Maximum Purity

To further safeguard against any possible contamination, each of our cleanroom compatible labels is individually wrapped. This meticulous packaging process ensures that from the moment they are produced until they reach your hands, the labels remain free from dust, microbes, and any other contaminants that might jeopardize the cleanliness and integrity of your operations.

Choose GMP Labeling for Cleanroom Assurance

With a reputation for excellence and a commitment to quality, GMP Labeling offers the peace of mind that comes from knowing your labels meet the highest cleanroom standards. Whether your operations require Class 10 compatibility or higher, you can trust in our products to maintain the purity and precision of your processes.

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