Barcode Labels

Barcode Labels for Digital Applications

In an increasingly digital world, the role of labels that bridge the physical and digital realms has become paramount. Dive into GMP Labeling's suite of barcode label solutions, designed to seamlessly integrate and digitize your operations.

Bridging Physical Products with Digital Precision: GMP Labeling's Barcode Label Solutions

As the world continues to become more digital, using labels that allow you to capture digital information about a physical product becomes ever more important. Whether in an effort to provide more supplemental information than can be printed on a label, to improve traceability, or simply to identify an item in an operation - using a barcode can bridge the digital divide.

Solutions for any level of tech sophistication

We understand that our customers fall on a spectrum of technology adoption. As your partner in labels and identification products, we have a suite of products available to meet our customers where they are. Don't have a printer? Not a problem, we can pre-print serialized barcodes for you. Use an office laser printer? We have an array of laser print compatible labels that come with an Adobe Acrobat file pre-formatted to allow you to enter data easily. Need a label that can be wiped down with chemicals? We can consult on Label Printers, Ink, and Specialty Labels that, when paired together, ensure that the information on your label is legible, durable, and long lasting.

Label Materials Specific for Your Operation

As the leader compliance identification products, we have experience with labels meant for laboratories, electronics, medical device, chemicals, etc. Our label specialists can help laboratories choose labels meant for test tubes, vials, petri dishes, or blood bags. We can help electronics manufacturers or service providers create Asset Identification Tags. For diagnostics suppliers we can design a label with GHS warnings and expiration dates. For medical device manufacturers we can source UL certified materials and produce labels for UID and serialization purposes.

Easy to Use Software for Dynamic Printing

The ease of barcoding in your operation is contingent on the software used to design and print labels with dynamic data. We partner with the best label software design providers to ensure that you are able to quickly and easily design and print a label specific to your needs. We are a certified Zebra Technology and Seagull Scientific partner and can help you set up Zebra Designer or Bartender label softwares.

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