Premium Thermal Transfer Ribbons for Printing

As a premier provider of label products for the pharmaceutical and medical device industry, we stock a variety of compatible resin and wax thermal ribbons that produce high quality prints. Our premium thermal transfer ribbons meet the requirements of most environments - including ambient storage, cryogenic storage, high heat, harsh chemical exposure, outdoor exposure, isopropyl alcohol wipe downs, and peroxide sprays. Providing excellent barcode scannability, we ensure that you will maintain GMP standards throughout your inventory management system.

We can help you select the appropriate ribbon for your specific needs as well as match widths, lengths, and core sizes that are compatible with most models of thermal printers. Thermal Transfer Ribbons are produced in essentially three categories of material:

  • Wax Ribbon - The most economical material used for basic uses such as shipping labels. They are least durable but also the most inexpensive.
  • Wax-Resin Ribbon - More durable than wax ribbons, with excellent resistance to scratches and abrasion.
  • Resin Ribbon - The most durable ribbon available, resin ribbons are the best solution for synthetic labels that are exposed to extreme temperature ranges, chemicals, sunlight and UV exposure, water, and long term use.