Cleanroom Sticky Notes - Blue (6 pack)

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Sticky Notes designed specifically for use in the cleanroom up to Class 10 cleanroom classification.

Clean Notes "sticky notes" are the answer when all you want to leave behind is a quick message. A special adhesive backing lets Clean Notes easily stick to any surface without leaving particles when the note is removed.

Clean Notes can be used in any industry where documenting results in a critical environment setting is part of an every day routine: pharmaceutical, semiconductor, computer assembly, hospitals, contact lens manufacturing, and research and development facilities.

Made from ultra-clean latex free bond paper. Available in 3"x3" only. Adhesive designed specifically not to leave unwanted extractables behind. Paper is lightweight and easy to write on.

Color: Blue
Sold in quantities of 6 (if you place an order qty of 1 in your cart, you will receive 6 pads of sticky notes).


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