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Our Multi-Use labels are perfect for managing and communicating the quality status of materials as they move through your operation. These labels were designed and sized to work together. 

Our general “Quarantine” label is a 4 inch by 2.5 inch large label that is the first applied to an item and contains fields for pertinent information such as Description, Part #, Lot #, and check boxes to designate Raw Material, Work in Progress, or Finished Good.

As an item flows through your quality control operation, the quality status of that item changes. Our 2 inch by 1 inch labels are meant to be placed over the “Quarantine” text, and with bright colors and large header text, such as “RELEASED,” it is easy to identify the new status.

The Multi-Use Label bundle comes with one roll of S186 (Quarantine), Q006 (Released), and Q005 (Rejected).

However, the following labels can also be used as a Multi-Use label:


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